Energy Works 2 U




Please contact me so I can bring my table to you*, (limited to Whidbey Island) for a one on one session with you or your pet family member, or do a face-to-face video session, which takes a bit longer. If you don’t wish to use the table, a chair is fine; You need to be comfortable. If it’s for an Animal family member in person, I ask that the member please be enclosed but where I can have contact.

*Due to COVID-19, All CDC precautions will be taken*

A typical Reiki session lasts between an hour & an hour & a half, depending on the work needed. If it’s a tune-up, a half hour. If you wish for me to work on a specific area, please let me know. *For smaller entities, a half hour. If they need a tune-up, 15 minutes.

Reiki is beneficial to Every living being; I’d love to help.



I might feel the need to incorporate other healing modalities into a Reiki session to help further the healing impact like music. It helps me tune in & helps the receiver relax. It truly depends on what method(s) I’m led to use.

I can also take you on a journey to heal a Past Life or your Lineage, maybe look into your Akashic Record, or help with self control through Hypnotherapy. I use Crystals, 
Colors, & Many Other Healing Modalities & would love to help you on your Healing journey.


Tele-Reiki is done through webcams & is incredibly beneficial for All living beings, including Animal family members. I’ll need to be able to see the receiver completely so please make sure the camera can capture the entire body.

I ask that a half hour for an Animal family member (15 for tuneup) and an hour & a half for all others (30 for a tuneup) be set aside so I can connect with the receiver’s energy & get to work.